Transformative Training

 The only thing worse than training your team and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.  


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Interactive vs. Lecture
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Role Plays
Case Studies

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Group Discussion
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Team Building Exercises

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SMART Action Planning
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Pillar Training Programs that can be customized to take your team to the next level:


Leaders Who Change Things

This leadership training transforms leaders into powerhouse leaders, equipped to lead their teams and organizations to game changing results. This is much more than leadership development; it is leadership metamorphosis. Some of the important fundamentals you will learn and put into action are:

  • Compelling Communication that makes things happen
  • Strategic Thinking and Goal Setting
  • Designing and leading a culture that wins
  • Leading Through Change
  • Servant Leadership

Time Management for Top Performers

Time Management is about a lot more than planners and Apps. It is about truly become an essentialist and completing shifting the way you see time and its value. You will never look at time the same way. In this transformative workshop, you will learn and put into actionable practice:

  • The Future Self method of time management
  • Strategic Ignorance and protecting your most value resource – your mindset
  • Having a powerful, game changing morning routine
  • Overcoming Stress and Overwhelm


Culture Reset

Culture is the foundation of everything in every organization. This workshop truly equips you to define and refine your culture through:

  • Creating or aligning to company value and mission
  • Building Team Trust and collaboration
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • “We are the Culture” powerful and practical exercises to cultivate a culture that wins

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Being able to deliver exceptional customer service IS your competitive edge. And yet, customer service is on a steep decline in recent years. How can your organization create a culture that delivers an exceptional customer experience … through this powerful workshop which truly takes you on a journey through the customer’s eyes:

  • Defining a TRUE Service culture – and how you get and keep one
  • Problem Resolution skills that win loyal, forever customers
  • Solving problems at their root cause


Raise your EQ

Emotional intelligence has never been more important than in our current work culture. It far outweighs technical skills and natural talent in individual and organizational success. As team members and leaders, we need to raise our “EQ” like never before. In this workshop you will transform in:

  • Self-Awareness and Empathy
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Conflict Resolution that restores relationships
  • Leading with EQ

Team Collaboration Workshop

High performing teams that achieve strong results have a certain DNA – they don’t work in silos; they collaborate and bring individual strengths to create a powerful whole. This workshop is full throttle from the minute it starts, engaging participants to strengthen their collaboration skills in action filled exercises on:

  • The principles of true collaboration
  • Building team trust
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Project Management Skills
  • Case Study work on actual current collaborative challenges